iGSN Winterdisciplinary Social
You asked for another big mixer, you wanted it, and you have been waiting for it.

Ladies, gents and others, brace yourselves for our Winterdisciplinary social!
This year, we are going with an “ALL IN BLACK” dress code, with some add-ons available at the event (surprise surprise, come and see 😉 )

Come mingle and play board games with your favorite interdisciplinary group on campus. As always, we will feed you (for free) and provide some of those sweet derivatives of ethanol that keep you warm in the winter (at a low price).

When? February 2nd, 6.30-9.30pm.
Where? The Global Lounge, 2205 Lower Mall in the Marine Drive Residence


1. This is a 19+ only event. Please bring a valid government issued photo ID.

2. This event is free for UBC graduate students who are iGSN members. If you are a grad student but not part of our network yet, please consider becoming a member by signing-up for the newsletter (for free): http://igsnubc.com/

If you are not a graduate student, you are still welcome to join us, for 5$.

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