ArabicTypist for macOS & iOS
Hello friends.

This is just a brief survey to get the design and details done right the first time, without having to make you all go through the trouble of issues and updates.

More detailed responses and feedback will make the product better for you in turn, so please give it a few minutes of thought. *Start writing a book, paper, or article* so you can think of things that would save time, and make things easier.

All related files can be found here:

How To Install:
*Step-by-Step pictures to Install: *

1. Download "U.S.AR-Tr.keylayout" from here:
2. Place that folder within: Macintosh HD/System/Library/Keyboard Layouts
2a. If you cannot see “Macintosh HD”, go to Finder, click Finder > Preferences > [Check] “Hard Disks”, and you can access “Macintosh HD” from your Desktop.
3. Paste file
4. Logout / Restart
5. Go to Settings > Keyboard > Input Sources > "+" (bottom left) > Find "U.S.AR-Tr" (it will be under "Others") > Add
6. You will see a U.S. Flag in your status bar (next to clock and battery %), click that, and select "U.S.AR-Tr".

To Use:
To type, simply press "Alt" or "Alt+Shift" + "[key to modify]". A "cheat sheet" can be found here (, except there's no need for "Ctrl" or "Cmd".

Thanks. God speed.
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macOS Keyboard
Is using "Alt" and "Alt+Shift" okay? (Or add suggestions in "other".)
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Are there any other keys you'd like added (like [rḥ], for example)?
General Thoughts, Feedback, and Suggestions
How easy were the Installation Instructions?
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Additional feedback about Installation Instructions:
iOS Keyboard
It will most likely look like this:

I plan to only include the keys themselves (āīūṣḍḥṭẓʿʾĀŪĪṢḌḤṬẒ ﷻ ﷺ ﷽)
General Thoughts, and Suggestions
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