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The GED test is now only given online, and our program's skills assessment is online. Do you have basic computer skills (can use a mouse and do basic typing)? *
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Depending on your current skill level in the various subject areas, and depending on the time you are able to spend studying on your own, you may need to spend 6 months or more meeting with your tutor in order to meet your GED goal. Are you willing/able to make this commitment? *
In addition to meeting with your tutor, are you able to spend 3 hours studying independently for every hour spent meeting with your tutor? *
Do you have a private, quiet space in your home that you can use for studying? *
Your tutor is a volunteer, helping you for free. Staying in contact and notifying your tutor ahead of time of any necessary absences or schedule changes is important and REQUIRED to be in our program. Are you able to maintain and access messages from a regular, working phone number and/or e-mail address? *
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Write a short essay answering the following question. What inspires you to pursue a GED? *
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By signing my name below, I understand that if I miss my in-person assessment without notifying the literacy staff by phone or email before my scheduled time, there will be a 3 –month waiting period before scheduling a new assessment. *
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