Curio Draco $5 Doodles
Greetings, and thank you for your interest in my work!

Completing the information in this form is immensely helpful for me and I appreciate the time you take to provide these details. None of the information you share with me will be shared with others, or used for any other purpose.

Please take a moment to look over my TOS
If you have any questions or concerns about how I work or what to expect, it's likely to have already been addressed there!

For these, just fill out the form, send it, and assume I will accept! They're intended to be super quick and simple, the ordering process should be just as streamlined. While it would make things simpler for me to have the order form and payment sent at the same time, you can just send in the form and wait for a response before paying, if you prefer.

My queue can be found here, you may check here within 24-48 business hours to see that your work is listed.

•*•*•*•IMPORTANT INFORMATION Specific to this type of commission•*•*•*•
• Please pay upfront via or$CurioDraco. They are $5 PER doodle!
• They're very simple, toony to chibi. Style results may vary.
• No NSFW.
• No hi-res.
• Generally completed within a week.
• They're slightly different from other sketch commissions, in that these are drawn on my Note phone during my free time, like on break at work or waiting around for something else.
• Limit one character per doodle.
• Limit 5 separate doodles of the same character per order.
•••This means you can commission up to 5 doodles on the same order form for the same character. For other characters, please use separate order forms.

Preferred name you go by
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Email, Twitter, and/or Telegram Contact
For business contact only. This is where I'll contact with any questions about your work, WIPs and dropbox links to your finished work.
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Payment Email
Your paypal Email, or specify if there is a different payment method preferred. These are now paid for upfront before they'll be done. Pay here or$CurioDraco -- I prefer not to send invoices for these, they're intended to be done quickly!
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How many sketches total?
Limit 5 at a time, all the same character. For other additional characters, please fill out a separate form.
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Reference Images
Please provide links to reference images that may exist. If no links are available, you may email them to me at, or telegram @curiodracoart. NSFW refs are acceptable. RP or lengthy text descriptions are not. If you only have text, please be concise and straightforward in the details. (A list of details is preferred over a role play paragraph with details sprinkled in)
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Keywords, Personality Trait, Mood, Expression
Please provide keywords that describe your character or things your character would do. List as many words/phrases as you like.
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