Validation checklist for single species eDNA assays
This form is divided into two parts: first, specific information on target species, primers etc. is collected. Then, each of the following sections consists of simple multiple choice questions.

Please be aware, that not all questions are relevant for all assays (choose NA option if necessary).

When evaluating a published assay, it is often impossible to distinguish between tests that were done but not reported in the final publication, and tests that were not carried out. Developers of assays often have this information, hence these two options are available for many of the questions.

Information contained in the submitted forms will be added to the "validated assays" section of the homepage (please allow for some time to process the submitted information).

At the moment, there is a high plausibility that assays published before April 2019 are already part of the published database.

If you are the developer of an assay and author of the associated publication, this form can be filled out in a few minutes. In case you are validating an assay from a publication that is not your own, it usually takes 20min.

In case you want to add information on several assays simultaneously (or assays tested on more than one PCR platform), please contact us directly to simplify the process (

Thank you so much for participating in this effort!

The validation scale team

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