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We want the Anime and Manga Society to be an open community, so it's our biggest virtue that club meetings are free for you to sit, chill, and watch with us. If you want some of the extra club benefits, however, we're going to have to ask you for a little something in return to help keep us running, and let us run more fun events/grant more perks in the future. As a paid member, you get:

- Access to our Crunchyroll account
- Discounted 3-Day KawaiiKon Pass through group discount ($50 for KawaiiKon 2018)
- You can sell your approved artwork at our table during specified events as an artist member of AMS

Paid membership is $15 a semester, $20 a year.

DISCLAIMER: Officers reserve the right to refuse payments-- membership or otherwise-- if they do not know the individual making payments. For the best results, please come to club in person to sign up for initial membership. 

More Information:

We are ALSO looking for people who are interested in serving for AMSHawai`i officership. If you share an interest in running an RIO and bringing together all who love of anime, manga, and Japanese culture, we could use your help! In addition, undergraduate and graduate students who serve as officers can have their membership fees optionally waved for the time they keep serving as an officer and helping with club.

If you would like to nominate yourself as an officer, please see this form:

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