Server Application
This is an application to become a partnered server within the Molten Aether network of FFRP servers.
Email address *
Proposed Server Name *
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Server Admin (Discord UID & @Name#0000) *
Approximately 2 Paragraph Description
The description of your server should include all the information a player would need to know what kinds of characters your server caters to. You should also include how your server will fit within the Molten Aether Network.
Description *
Is your RP setting based on existing work?
If your RP server is based on existing work such as Star Trek, Star Wars, Babylon 5, Firefly, Halo, Call of Duty, or any number of other games, movies, TV shows, comic books, or graphic novels we need to know. We will tend toward only one server based on a particular universe within the network unless there is an exceptionally good reason to do otherwise.
Base Universe
What else do we need to know?
Any and all special information about your server should go in one of these two fields. Notes about the game play and mechanics should go in "Special Information", this is anything that is unique about how game play is done within your server. Additionally, if there is any other information you want to include in this application that is not covered elsewhere please list it in "Additional Information".
Special information (Game Play / Mechanics)
Additional Information (Everything Else)
Terms and Obligations
This server application constitutes the core of a kind of contract with the network, while it is not legally binding the administrators of the network fully expect that major shifts and changes within the game that change this information will be sent to the administrators of the network. The network reserves the right to terminate its relationship with your server should sufficient changes be made to cause continuity or game play problems throughout the network. Thus, any and all information about your server should go here, we will not share this application with players so there is no reason to "keep surprises" for later, as only staff will see this application.
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