My Pregnancy, My Baby, & Me

* Tell me what you think. Your answers and identifying information are confidential. Your responses will be used help the Family Advocacy Network educate professionals about the needs of families and create resources for families to help them during and after pregnancy. For more information, email

Every parent wants the best for their baby and everyone has a right to expect compassionate, high-quality health care. But when you're pregnant and are drug dependent, there are barriers in your way.

We know that addiction and dependency create risks for pregnant people and babies. But asking for help and seeking medical care shouldn't.

The parents of the Family Advocacy Network believe that if the system is going to change we need to listen to the experts. And we believe women are the experts when it comes to their own health care.

What were the decisions you had to make when you decided to have a baby or became pregnant?
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What did you worry about most during your pregnancy?
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Were you able to find the health care you needed? If not, why?
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Where did you find the information and support you needed to make decisions about your and your baby's care?
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What is the best thing someone said or did for you? What was the worst?
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Who were the health care professionals and service providers who made a powerful, positive difference for you and your family?
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Did you have a safe, trusted community to go to for support?
Did you know other parents like you who you could go to for help and support?
What was the role that other parents played in your life?
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How can we make things better for the women who come after us?
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