WP Family Services During School Closure
Given the school closure currently planned through April 24, 2020, we ask our White Pass families to provide us information about what you and your students may need during this time. This information will help us plan and gather resources to support each other.
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We are planning to deliver grab-and-go meals in each community during the closure. How many children in your household, aged 18 years or younger, will participate in meal program? *
Which meal pick-up location are you most likely to access? *
Does a health-care worker or emergency first responder live in your home? *
Do you have access to school-hours childcare during the school closure? *
Do you have reliable transportation, for example to/from childcare or meal distribution locations? *
Do you have a computer or computing device (iPad, tablet) at home, available for school-age children to use? *
Do you have internet service at home, fast enough to stream videos? *
If you do not have a device available at home, would you be willing to allow your child to use a school-issued device at home for online learning?
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What school supplies do you have available at home? *
Would you like to be added to a phone tree with other families, to share resources as needed? *
Do you have neighbors, family and/or friends who can assist you and your student(s) during this time?
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How can White Pass school district assist your family during the school closure?
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Names, ages and grade levels of other children (0-18) in your home:
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