Need YOU to Interview for Narrative Nonfiction
Hello Horning Staff and Families,

House 7B students will soon be constructing Narrative Nonfiction pieces. We've been analyzing text from the women of the Triangle Factory fire of 2011, to the buried 33 Miners in Chile of 2010, to the infected Radium Girls of the 1920's.
We need your help! It is difficult to construct a Narrative Nonfiction piece without finding information on a REAL person of an event.
The students are requesting an interview with you to tell your story of an event that you experienced or lived through that you would like to share. It can be small and personal or big and well-known. Anything from the dishwasher breaking down, to switching jobs, to visiting a country, to 911. We just need your voice!

Ideally, we are looking to Interview March 16-20, March 30-April 3. Dates can vary.

Example: Ms. Draeger will conduct a mini-lesson with a mock interview sharing her narrative of how she saved the life of a two year old using CPR. This personal narrative will include a beginning, middle and end. This narrative will include a setting, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution. Then students will add the nonfiction facts to Ms. Draeger's narrative by researching the step-by-step protocol of CPR.

What do we need from you?
- a 20 minute time slot
- your own personal narrative
- your narrative must include a beginning, middle and end
- your narrative must include a topic the students will be able to research
Teacher Name or Family Name *
Days Your are Available *
Times You Are Available *
Main Topic of your Narrative (a topic the students will be able to research facts about) *
Permission to record the interview in order for students to refer back to when piecing narrative nonfiction together *
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Any additional comments or questions you may have. (You will be contacted with final date and time.) *
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