St. Louis Bworks On-Line Donation Registration for the BikeWorks Program
Please use this form to register donations of bicycles and bicycle parts you have made our remote drop off location. St. Louis Bworks and its kids educational program Earn-A-Bike through BikeWorks is a federal 501(c)(3) organization and your donations are tax deductible. The donated items you list here will be embedded into our Tax Donation Form and emailed to your shortly as a PDF file. Thanks you for supporting kids by supporting St. Louis Bworks.
Full name(s) of donor. *
Email address to which the Tax Donation form should be sent. *
(It will arrive as a PDF file.)
How did you hear about us? *
Please give us the name of the remote drop off location you used *
Please note: If you did not use a valid donation point, We can not issue you a tax letter.
Bike Make & Model *
(for example: Schwinn Le Tour •or• kids 20 inch Huffy •or• 3 kids 20 inch and 1 adult Raleigh Record)
Bike(s) color
(for example: 1 red adult Schwinn & 2 green kids 20 inch)
Bike(s) wheel size
(for example: 27 inch adult road •or• 26 inch hybrid •or• kids 20 inch
Bicycle Parts
(for example: a adult road frame & set of 20 inch wheels for a kids bike)
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