Owen is running the Hackney Half Marathon for Digs - Hackney Renters
Hi there,

I'm running the Hackney Half Marathon for Digs - Hackney Renters, this is the form where you can sponsor me. It will be really appreciated.

Digs - Hackney Renters, is a group i'm involved in that organises and supports renters within Hackney. The money you pledge will be used for things like paying for tea and biscuits at our support group, printing posters to get the message out, and generally helping us to campaign for a better deal for renters.

I'm using a google form as Digs isn't set up formally, or registered as a charity, so lots of the online sponsor websites won't work and the other ones charge a fairly big commission. This way I'll collect your sponsorship and email you after the event with my time, and let you know how you can donate.

Hope that's okay - if you have any questions, you can email hello@hackneyrenters.org

Thanks for sponsoring me!

Wish me luck!


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