CIT 1 Application
Thank you for your interest in Kamp Konocti's CIT program. The CIT program is a year long program intended to build leadership skills, develop strong bonds, and create a successful Kamp experience for Girl Scouts at Kamp Konocti. CITs are required to adhere to Kamp behavior expectations, The Girl School Law and Promise, and lead by example. Ideally CITs will participate in all training (though if unavoidable, you can miss one single day training. You can not miss the overnight training.)

CIT 1s are responsible for getting themselves up and to the units to wake up campers, run a station at the all Kamp event, create awards and hand them out each evening of Kamp, and support the CIT 2s, 3s, and program adults at Kamp. CIT 1s will participate in preparing the dance, support opening and closing campfire, and other CIT run activities at Kamp.

This application is due (completed) by October 15, 2019. Please be sure to hit summit button at end of application.
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