Event Timing: February 14th-16th, 2019
Event Address:
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1. The participating teams and individuals will have to get themselves registered within the stipulated date to be able to
2. Participation is open only for under graduate and post graduate students of Colleges/University
Departments/Institutes of Delhi NCR.
3. All participants must carry college identity cards to seek entry in the auditorium/hall/venue of competition. However,
the organisers reserve the right to bar entry or to expel anybody out of the auditorium/hall/venue if found guilty of any
4. Each team must consist of students from the same College/University Department/Institute.
5. A student can participate in any number of events, but in case of clash of timing no relaxation shall be given.
6. Each participant shall get a participation certificate.
7. There can be multiple rounds of competitions based on the number of entries received and decision for the same
shall be at the discretion of UDAAN team.
8. The teams/ individual participants must report 90 minutes prior to their performance. Any delay may cause
participant/s to be barred from taking part in the competition.
9. The participants are advised to take safety measures/care of their property, valuables, etc., during the performance or
otherwise, during Udaan Utsav 2019.
10. No hazardous material, such as weapons, inflammable/toxic chemicals/ other materials will be permitted to be used
as props. Further, the Organising Team reserves the right to stop a performance on the spot if it feels that the
performance carries risk of injury to the performers and/or audience.
11. The decision of the jury shall be considered final and binding. The participants are advised not to contact the judges
during competitions.
12. All rights to broadcast audio and visual recording of the competition belong to UDAAN.
13. Any obscene and/or offensive music / song / lyrics / language / presentation / costume is strictly prohibited to be
used, failure to comply with shall attract all/any action by the organisers to penalise the participants.
14. Participants are requested to ensure that none of their content or performances hurt any religious/caste sentiments
or of public at large.
15. UDAAN reserves the rights to change, delete, or add to any rules, regulations, or policies at any time deemed
16. Participants are understood to recognize the risks of physical injury inherent in their performance and be willing to
assume those risks and take necessary care and precaution.
17. Violation of any rule may amount to disqualification of concerned team/individual participant. The final authority of
taking any decision in such cases shall be with the Organising Team of UDAAN UTSAV 2019.
18. By signing the registration form or submitting the online registration form, the participants confirm the acceptance of
all the rules and regulations of the competition.


1. The duration of Nukkad Natak / Street play shall be minimum 15 minutes to maximum 25 minutes.
2. Each team can have a maximum of 20 members including support team. All the participants must be from same
3. The costume and props are allowed. The organisers shall not be responsible for providing any costumes and props
for the acts.
4. The topic/ subject of Nukkad Natak can be chosen out of the subjects listed in the form.
5. The language used in Nukkad Natak must be courteous and acceptable to all. Abusive, objectionable and derogatory
language shall not be accepted.

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