OSDA Interest Survey
The Board of Directors wants to hear from you! Please complete our survey to share your interests, wisdom, and your best tips and tricks. We plan to compile and expand upon your responses and share them back to you in monthly features, articles, and infographics.
Name: optional, but please share your name if comfortable so we can contact you for more details on your ideas
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School: again optional
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Average Team Size
How long have you been coaching?
On a weekly basis, does your team compete in:
How many paid coaching positions do you have?
How many volunteer coaches do you normally have?
How many hours a week do you normally coach students?
How do you schedule practice?
What are two things you do to make practice fun?
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What is your favorite fundraiser? Tell us about it!
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Is your team affiliated with the NSDA?
If you are an NSDA member, do you distribute or display student NSDA Certificates?
If you display the NSDA Certificates, please describe where and how. If you distribute the certificates, please describe when and how.
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Fill-in-the-Blank: The best thing about coaching is: ________________________________________________.
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Fill-in-the-Blank: The hardest thing about coaching is: ____________________________________________________.
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What time does your alarm ring on Saturday?
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Please share your most memorable coaching moment.
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Did you compete in Speech/Debate as a student?
Do you teach in the district where you coach?
If you are a teacher, what grade and subject?
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If you are not a teacher, what do you do?
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