2021 - Calling all Northern Rivers Upcyclers & Repairers. Tell us How We Can Support You!
Salvage Culture is a project of Mullum Cares Incorporated. Our purpose is to increase conscious consumption in the Northern Rivers by supporting and promoting local upcyclers and repairers resulting in increased income for locals and less waste to landfill. It's time for a local Circular Economy Revolution!

We are having our first Salvage Culture market stall on Feb 27th and need upcycled goods to sell. We are also looking for locals with advanced repair skills who are either looking for ongoing income from repair work and/or interested in attending markets with our stall to offer on the spot repair services (paid).

Our Library of Stuff project (libraryofstuff.org.au) exists to support our community to reduce waste by sharing goods like camping equipment, board games and power tools and we are keen to expand the inventory to include machinery that will assist our upcyclers and repairers. We need to know what tools and machinery would help you!

We are also planning to open a Reverse Garbage operation in the Northern Rivers that will serve the needs of local upcyclers as a priority. We need to know what materials you use!

Whether you already make a small or large income from selling upcycled goods or have just been tinkering and never sold a single product we want to hear from you!

Please forward this to any and all upcyclers and repairers you know in the Northern Rivers!
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Do you consider yourself primarily an upcycler or repairer? Please note the last question gives you an opportunity to tell us about yourself in detail.
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What materials do you work with
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What materials would you appreciate us stocking at a Reverse Garbage operation in the Byron Shire?
Please explain any tools or machinery you wish you had to assist with your craft. Please note if any are urgently needed.
Is space/real estate a limiting factor in your ability to increase your upcycling/repairing activities? If yes please elaborate and tell us exactly what type of space (including how often you would need access to it) you wish you had.
Our plan for 2021 is to do two things: 1: pilot market stalls in the Northern Rivers whilst 2. continue to seek a place for Savage Culture to provide a space with machinery and recovered materials for upcyclers and repairers to gather and create. More about the place hunt later!! Our market stall set up will be 3 x 6 with half set up as a shop selling upcycled products while the other half is a Repair Centre. Would you be interested in providing stock to be sold at a Salvage Culture market stall? We are proposing to add 25% on top of your wholesale price to us. We need the origins of the materials for each product disclosed as we will put this on a tag and attach it to the item (origin meaning where you got the materials from). The tag will explain what Salvage Culture is and detail our commitment to keeping our products from ever ending up in landfill. If the owners of the products can't resell, repurpose or genuinely get a Salvage Culture product recycled we commit to taking the item back and reusing it - all of it!
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If you would like to provide stock for sale can you please advise if you will be able to drop products to Mullumbimby on Friday Feb 26? If yes please detail the products you expect to drop off.
What markets do you think would suit our purpose to inspire people to buy locally made items and bring items for repair? Please include the one you would love us to be at the most!
Are you keen to generate income from repairing?
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If you are a repairer would you be interested in being present at our market stall (either on Feb 27 or in the future) to provide on the spot repair services?
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If you are a repairer but not interested in being directly involved we would love to simply list you in our Repairer Database and refer people to you. The listing is free until Jan 1st 2022 when a charge of $22 will be introduced to cover the cost of sending out renewals each year and ensuring the listing information is up to date. The directory will be online by Jan 1st and its credibility will depend on the reliability of the information. If you answer yes to this question we will send you a Repairer Listing form to complete.
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Please provide your full name
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Please leave any additional comments you like here or get in touch by emailing Sasha@salvageculture.com.au or calling 0422 641 474.
Please tell us about your making/repairing journey and how you hope it progresses in the next 12-24 months.
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