Social Media Policy
Policy prepared by : Adam Barry
Approved by board : [DATE]
Policy became operational on :
Next Review Date : 31/08/18

Players, Coaches, Volunteers of NI Volleyball have full access social media services and social networking websites at there own discretion, either through NI Volleyball Equipment or via their own personal equipment.
This social media policy describes the rules governing use of social media at NI Volleyball.
It sets out how Players, Coaches, Volunteers should respect others when using social media accounts. It also explains the rules about using personal social media accounts, describes what Players, Coaches, Volunteers may say about the company on their personal accounts to not bring the NI Volleyball Brand into disrepute.
This policy should be read alongside other key policies.

Why this policy exists
Social media can bring significant benefits to NI Volleyball, particularly for building relationships with current and potential Players, Coaches, Volunteers.
However, it’s important that Players, Coaches, Volunteers who use social media do so in a way that enhances the NI Volleyball's prospects.
A misjudged status update can generate complaints or damage the NI Volleyball's reputation. There are also security and data protection issues to consider.
This policy explains how Players, Coaches, Volunteers can use social media safely and effectively.
Policy summary

This policy applies to all Players, Coaches, Volunteers within NI Volleyball who use social media— no matter whether for business or personal reasons.
It applies no matter whether that social media use takes place during NI Volleyball events, while travelling for business or while using social media from home.
Social media sites and services include (but are not limited to):
Popular social networks like Twitter and Facebook
Online review websites like Reevoo and Trustpilot
Sharing and discussion sites like Delicious and Reddit
Photographic social networks like Flickr and Instagram
Question and answer social networks like Quora and Yahoo Answers
Professional social networks like LinkedIn and Sunzu
Everyone who operates a NI Volleyball social media account or who uses their personal social media accounts has some responsibility for implementing this policy.
However, these people have key responsibilities:
The Marketing Director is ultimately responsible for ensuring that NI Volleyball uses social media safely, appropriately and in line with the NI Volleyball's objectives.
The Marketing Director is responsible for working with the social media managers to roll out marketing ideas and campaigns through our social media channels.
The NI Volleyball Board is responsible for ensuring requests for assistance and support made via social media are followed up.
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