IMTC Houston Cake Decorating Contest Official Entry Form
-All entries must reflect the theme of the contest. Time limit is one hour.
-No size limitation. Any basic cake size that fits the theme is acceptable. Cakes can be stacked or tiered.
- Styrofoam dummies or real cakes are allowed as we are judging only the decoration and design.
- Decorations, must be 100% edible except for columns, supports, wires and stamens. No photographs of the theme or other non-edible decorations will be permitted.
-Participants are responsible to bring any tools, or decorative items required. No cooking is allowed at the site during the contest.
- Any sugar media or technique may be used.
- Table dressing, such as decorative fabrics, are allowed beneath the cakes, but must fit within the space allotted.
- Judging of the entries will be completed by a team of qualified judges, and the judges’ decisions will be final.
Entries will be judged on the following criteria:
 Presentation– 10 points
 Originality and Creativity (color, design, etc.) – 20 points
 Application of the theme – 25 points
 Precision of Technique (skill, precision, number & difficulties of techniques) – 20 points
All entrants must submit a registration form by May 31

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