The Milky Way's {online} Teacher Application
Would you love to share your knowledge and expertise at a future online Retreat or as a guest instructor inside the soon-to-be-launched Art & Soul Academy?

We LOVE the diversity of perspectives our many guest instructors bring to the community. Here's the first step in the application process! :)
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What would you like to present?
Which topics are you passionate about and love to teach about?

It can be around the art (posing, lighting, editing, styling), business (marketing, pricing, SEO, social media, email marketing, FB Ads, client processes + workflow, book-keeping) and mindset/confidence.

We're multi-faceted creatives and our community is looking for unique and actionable tutorials and advice to help them elevate their art and their business.
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Give us your best elevator pitch! Why would you make a great teacher?
(this isn't the time to be shy! SHINE! What would your best friend say?)
Why do you want to be an instructor with The Milky Way specifically?
(and hey...if the answer is "girl, I just want to teach anywhere I can, that's ok too - we just wanted to know if there was a specific reason you would like to teach with us).
Favourite song to rock out to?
(this has nothing to do with the application, we're just always looking for good dance tunes - plus, it's important to know we aren't really serious people...because if you prefer strict professionalism, we may not be the best fit! We're here to deliver value - for sure - but, we like to have fun doing it! :)
And, a few quick things to ensure we are all on the same page.
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