Advanced 30-Minute Strategy Session - Online Questions
Please record answers here.    ALL Questions should be answered as best as possible.  To obtain the best results from one's 30 minute Strategy Session (30 MSS) the more information we have, the better the recommendations / solutions which will be recommended.  

We have found a simple three step process is most helpful to determine if and/or how we could best help someone.  Step 1 is the Examination.  No doctor will ever give you a prescription without doing an examination . . . and the same thing with us.  We won't ever recommend a solution until we really know someone.  Step 2 is the Solutions and Step 3 is Implementation.  Does that make sense?

Now . . . in Step 1, the Examination, it can be a simple short series of questions or it can be a much more thorough examination, it's up to those we are working with.  In Step 2: Solutions . . . we have found that people tend to like three types of solutions, the Basic, Intermediate and Advanced.  The Basic is a great place for people to get started if they know they need help but aren't sure what they specifically need . . . OR . . . maybe finances are really tight . . . OR . . . maybe the individual doesn't have a high sense of urgency . . . OR . . . maybe an individual likes to know everything before they do anything . . . which is fine for us as every solution we would recommend is customized specifically to the individual.

The Intermediate solutions tend to be for those who are very intuitive and just sense it's the right thing and just jump in.  In Step 3: Implementation, some people like to implement quickly and others like to take a longer period of time . . . which again is alright as every solution we would recommend is customized specifically for the individual.  

Does this make sense?   Great.  :-)

Now . . . if it's alright with you we would like to start out with asking some questions which will help us to get to  know you better.  

NOTE:  If you have any questions on anything shared please connect with individual how invited you to participate in this or you can call toll free 888.230.2300 or 630.393.9909.           (c)
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