2017-2018 Robotics Application
This application is for Carmel Catholic students only. The Varsity team is "NYAN Robotics", and the JV team is "Not Not Nerds". The Varsity team will mentor the JV team and may exchange members with the JV team as needed, but the 2 teams will collaborate to the extent possible, on outreach, engineering, funding, and school spirit. The Varsity team has a much larger time commitment.

Last season, JV made it to State and Varsity finished 1st in state, and ultimately made it to the World Championship. NYAN has team members graduating, so there are many open spots open on both JV and Varsity. This application is one step that helps us to determine your place on a team, so please put effort into your application.

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Have you participated in any FIRST programs before? *
For example: Jr. FIRST Lego League (FLL), FLL, or FIRST Tech Challenge (FTC)
Why do you want to join the team? *
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Do you have any experience with engineering/STEM? *
Including if your parents are engineers or in a STEM field
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Do you participate in any activities outside of school related to engineering/STEM? If so, please explain. *
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Have you taken any STEM related classes or are taking any now? (business classes, engineering, etc.) If so, what classes? *
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What math class are you taking? *
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Do you have experience with... (check all that apply) *
What role are you interested in having on the team? (check all that apply) *
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How would you rate yourself as a public speaker? *
This will not have an impact on your evaluation so please be honest.
Extremely Nervous
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What are you looking to study in college? *
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What line of work would you like to be in? *
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What can you contribute to the team? *
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Are either of your parents willing to help out? *
Not required, but useful to know, and we often could use the help
Do you understand that this is a big time commitment *
JV will hold their meetings at Carmel after school weekly. Varsity has a much bigger time commitment, holding meetings 3 times a week on a daily basis, and daily before competitions at a lab in Mundelein.
Are you available for summer projects in prep for the season? *
No wrong answer. Varsity begins prepping over summer, including some outreach and various ad hoc projects
Did you apply last year? *
Were you on the JV team last year? *
If selected, do you accept the terms and conditions? *
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