2019 All-Academic Nomination Form
All-Academic wrestling teams will be selected by the Pennsylvania Wrestling Coaches Association. First and second teams for sophomore, juniors, seniors and honorable mention members will also be recognized for each team. You are encouraged to submit names and credentials of nominees as soon as their PIAA wrestling season is completed.

Applications are due March 29th, 2019

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GPA Conversion
All A grades = 4, B’s = 3, C’s = 2, D’s = 1. When converting percentages, please consider A grades 92-100, B grades 83-91, C grades 74-82, and D grades 65-73. We are aware of various grading throughout the state, and this is an attempt to bring nominees to a level playing field.
Must Convert GPA to a 4.0 nonweighted scale based upon 3,5, or 7 semesters
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Must have a record of .600 or greater for Current Season
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If nominating more than one wrestler, the section below only needs to be completed for ONE (1) wrestler per school.
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