East End Eden Volunteer Application
East End Eden is a Permaculture farm showcasing sustainable farm design and application in the east end of the Ojai Valley.

We seek to educate and inspire through our examples of landscape restoration and succession into abundance using permaculture ethics and principles. We offer a look into a future that can meet all the needs of humanity and the rest of the community of life by creating a cultivated farm ecology. With “earth care”, “people care”, and “fair share” in our hearts, minds, and all designs we can go forward indefinitely!

The farm features:
- A great diversity of useful plants
- Animal systems
- Aquaponics system
- Food Forests
- Rainwater Harvesting
- Soil building and remediation
- Native/Riparian restoration
- Natural Building …and more!

- 20 hours per week required
- $20 for food per week
- Variable options for accommodation depending on availability
- Hot Shower
- Outdoor composting toilet
- 3 miles from town
- High-speed internet (limited use)
- Daily community meals
- Weekly farm meeting
- General diet of whole unprocessed foods: high fat, quality grass fed meats and cheeses; organic produce
(can be flexible with your dietary needs)

Desired Candidates:
We are seeking experienced individuals who are passionate about permaculture, community living and are eager to learn.

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Describe your experience and skill level in regards to any/all that apply: Permaculture, Carpentry, Natural Building, Land Stewardship, Ecology, Earth Works, Animal Husbandry, Homesteading, Community Social Dynamics, Marketing, Web Design, Business Planning, Funding Acquisition, Photography/Filmmaking. *
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Please list list TWO (2) PROFESSIONAL/EDUCATIONAL references whom you have known for a minimum of 2 years, at least one from an employer. (NOT family) Please include name, email, phone number and how you know them.
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