Proposition G Community Input Survey

What is Proposition G?

Prop. G was passed by San Francisco voters on November 2022's election. The Prop established the Student Success Fund grant program, which will be administered by the City Department of Children and Families, with grants of up to $1 million per year to San Francisco Unified School District schools from Pre-K to 12th grade.

Specifically, grants up to $1 million would be awarded from the Student Success Fund to individual schools for hiring more educators, nurses, tutors, literacy and math specialists, academic coaches, social workers, specialized curriculum, school psychologists and other support staff. 

The fund could also be used for community-based organizations or city departments to provide after school programs, therapeutic arts and culture programs or summer school. 

*The grants are not to be used for funding core staffing.*

Why we need your input! *Student Survey Only - Pre-K - 12th*

The San Francisco Youth Commission wants to make sure that youth voices (YOUR VOICES) are being heard and taken into consideration when the City discusses where Prop G funding goes AND what it is spent on. We want to hear what your thoughts are and what YOU think the funding should be spent on to make San Francisco schools better. Your input and opinions are very much appreciated!

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