Jesus Lives: vote for your favorite!
I've composed three different songs with (more or less) the same text. Help me decide which one is best. Rate each song from 1 (I despise it so much I only wish I could give it a zero) to 5 (I was transported to the heavenlies and I'm not coming back!) Try your best to base your assessment on the song itself and not the recording.
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#1 (Codename: More Cowbell)
Jesus Lives, and So Shall I #1 (Codename: More Cowbell) *
#2 (Codename: Wang Chung)
Jesus Lives, and So Shall I #2 (Codename: Wang Chung) *
#3 (Codename: True Tenor)
Jesus Lives, and So Shall I #3 (Codename: True Tenor) *
Would you care to add any comments, questions, or suggestions about any of the songs?
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