Cavallo Creek Ridgebacks New Owner Application
Please take some time to fill out this form. It shouldn't require more than 15 minutes of your time, but really helps us give a fair opportunity to all. Upon completion of this form, please call or text Denise 805-296-7172 to let her know you are interested in a puppy. We get a lot of applications and sometimes we may not always see your application on file. "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." If approved, there is a $200 deposit to be added to our waiting list. If your application is approved, you will be officially added to the list on the date your $200 deposit is received. When pups are between 7-8 weeks old, they will be priced and  available for selection. Ridged pups are sold with limited AKC registration and generally range in price between $2,500-$4,000 depending on each pup. Many pups are show quality and if you plan to show your pup, you will need to coordinate with Denise for additional responsibilities required. Flawed or ridgeless pups will be discounted.  Once you select your pup, there will be a non refundable down payment of $1,000 to hold your pup up to 9 weeks of age. Pups are selected by order of the waiting list, then to those with approved applications,  but not on the waiting list.  

If delivery is required,  Transport either by ground or air if applicable can be arranged per pup up to 18 Lbs: Distances are based on mileage from Atascadero,  California.
Rates are as follows:

$200 per pup up to 49 miles
$300 per pup 50-99 miles  
$400 per pup 100-175 miles
$500 per pup 176-229 miles
$600 per pup 230-299 miles
$700 per pup 300-999 miles
$900 per pup 1,000-3,000 miles
$1,400 per pup (7 month age minimum as per Hawaiian Agricultural regulations) or dog going to Hawaii.
Please inquire for pups larger than 18 Lbs or over 3,000 miles from Atascadero  Discounted rate of 50% off second pup for 2 pups from same household or going to the same coordinated address.  

Pups can be held without charge until 10 weeks of age. Any pup remaining after 10 weeks will be required to pay the boarding rate of $50 per week, which will maintain their food, board, care and de-worming schedule. This fee also applies to all dogs in quarantine, including dogs in quarantine for future travel to Hawaii. Although we do ship to Hawaii, it is quite a process that I encourage you to research in its entirety prior to committing to purchase a pup. Pups going to Hawaii may not travel to Hawaii, (based on Hawaiian agriculture entry requirements) until the pup is at least 7 month of age and the Rabies Titer test results have been received. Once the Titer test results are received and are negative, the pup can depart for Hawaii within 15 days of the test results being received. Using this process, you will be able to have DAR (Direct Airport Release) and not have to do any additional quarantine in Hawaii. Please inquire if you plan to bring a pup into Hawaii, and be prepared for the expenses required, which will be approximately $4,000 per pup which includes their care during domestic quarantine, feeding, required veterinarian charges, vaccinations, parasite control including Nexgard, Agricultural requirements including FAVN Titer Test, and shipping which includes air and the shipping crate to Hawaii. This expense is in addition to the purchase price of the pup.

A fee of $100 will be added for each vet visit or wellness office visit required for any pup over 10 weeks old. This fee is for the office visit and does not include additional fees such as the vaccinations-$30 per vaccination, parasite or de-wormer-$30 each, blood tests requested-varies up to $500, fecal tests-$100, health certificates-$100, etc.  

We love our animals and include our new Ridgeback families as members of our extended family.

Thank you!
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What makes you a good pet owner? Please include how you would handle any behavioral problems, i.e., chewing, biting, barking, etc.
How did you learn about Rhodesian Ridgebacks? Have you ever owned a Ridgeback before? Please tell us about your experience with the breed and with any specific dogs.
Why do you want a Rhodesian Ridgeback versus another breed or type of pet?
Will a Rhodesian Ridgeback fit in with your hobbies, activities and lifestyle? Will your dog be left alone for extended periods of time such as more than six to eight hours a day? How will your dog be cared for while you are on vacation?
How do you plan to ensure that your dog receives safe and adequate exercise?
Do you plan to show your Rhodesian Ridgeback? If so, where? What discipline?
Do you plan to use your Rhodesian Ridgeback for your breeding program? If so, what is the name of your kennel?
Are you willing to sign a spay or neuter agreement? *
Is there anything else you wold like to tell us about your family and its suitability for owning a Rhodesian Ridgeback?
What color Ridgeback do you prefer?
What color nose do you prefer?
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What physique do you prefer in your dog?
Would you prefer more or less white on the chest and feet?
If you are familiar with our dogs, do you have a preference in the bitch or the stud dog? If so, which do you prefer and why?
Would you be willing to accept a "Ridgeless" Ridgeback at a discounted price?
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What is your preferred age for your new Ridgeback?
When would you like to include your new Ridgeback into your home?
Are there any other traits that you prefer?
Are you looking for a Ridgeback to accommodate any special needs or service dog? If so, please explain and accompany this application with a doctors order.
Do you plan to acquire health insurance for your Ridgeback?
Would you be interested in adopting an older dog?
If you would be interested in adopting an older dog, what is your age limit?  Do your prefer a male or female?
If different
Would you be interested in keeping a dog in our "Guardianship Breeding Program?" This means that  you own possession of the dog, we own the offspring. The dog lives with you and "is" your dog that you include in your family. After 2 years of age, the dog, if genetically qualified, will be in our breeding program, but remain with you unless they are whelping or breeding. By utilizing this program, we are able to have happy dogs, living with loving families, that are able to provide future loves for other families without having to share for love, attention and time with us on our farm. It also allows it to be cost effective for you as you are able to acquire a pup for a discounted cost and have the opportunity to be compensated for your time. It is a "WIN WIN" for all, but most of all for the dog who will appreciate being cherished and doted on by his or her family. One of our guardian females has become a service dog and is an integral part of the guardian families' lives. If you would like more information, please inquire.
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Please provide the names and contact information for at least three references who can speak to your fitness as a pet owner in general and, more specifically, as the owner of a medium to large sized dog. If you currently own or have in the last five years owned a pet, please include your veterinarian as one of the references. Please do not list more than one family member or other related party as a reference.
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