Wedding Appointment Questionnaire
Please help us get to know you and your vision by completing this questionnaire at least two days prior to your appointment. This will help us get headed in the direction you'd like and save you from having to spend time answering all of these questions during your appointment. (Of course, we never sell or distribute your information to anyone outside of Word Center Printing.) Don't worry if you don't know the answers to all the questions. We can't wait to see you!
The People
(First and Last)
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Mailing Address
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Email Address
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Phone Number
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The Date, Time & Place
Wedding Date - include Day of Week
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Ceremony Location
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Time of Ceremony
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Reception Location
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The Team
If you are getting married locally, tell us about your chosen wedding professionals
Bridal Gown Salon
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Cake Baker
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The Vision
How Formal is the Wedding?
What are your tastes?
Colors for the Wedding
if you know
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Theme for the Wedding
if any
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Destination or Local
Number of Guests
The Invitation
Do you plan to send Save the Date cards?
Have you started looking at invitations yet?
What printing method do you prefer?
What style of invitation do you prefer?
Number of Wedding Invitations
think number of married couples, singles, plus extra for guests added by Dear Aunt Edna
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How will you address your invitations?
Items for your wedding you may want to discuss
Check all that apply
Any other information you'd like us to know about the wedding
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How did you hear about Word Center Printing?
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If someone referred you, who may we thank?
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