9-20-19 | Climate Strike
Thank you so much for hosting a climate strike!

By participating in the strike on September 20th, you will be joining together with people across the country and world to demand action be take to address the climate crises - the biggest threat to our lives and our futures.

Fill out the form below to officially register. Strikes can be anywhere, any size, and any length. As long as you are using your voice to share why climate change matters to you, you are making a difference.

Please check the map on strikewithus.org to see if an event is already scheduled in your location. If it is, you can write to us at support@strikewithus.org and we'll put you in touch with the host.

If you have any thoughts, concerns, questions, or ideas — we’d love to hear from you! Email us at support@strikewithus.org!

The map is live as of 8/7/19 -- you can see it on strikewithus.org

Please note that the information you submit will be viewed by Climate Strike Coalition partners involved in managing the digital campaign.
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This is the name your attendees will see when they RSVP. It is also the URL of your event -- such as "Miami US Strike" would have a URL "https://actionnetwork.org/events/miami-us-strike/"
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If there is additional location information that would help your participants find the event more easily - such as “Main fountain in Memorial Park”, or “in front of the main gate of the factory” or “City Hall steps” please include it here.
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ONLY enter the exact street address of the event. This information will be used to create pinpoints on the map (eg. 200 Spring Street). Do not include city, state and zip. Enter that information in the next fields.
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While we hope a vast majority of events are held on the official Strike Day 9/20, we understand this is not possible. Please enter the date of your event. All events will be on the map!
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This is where you can share information with your potential attendees with specific information about your climate strike. You can skip this if you do not have this information.
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Please select the organization which referred you (from who you received this link) from the dropdown menu below. If the name of the referring organization doesn't appear in the list below, please write it in below where indicated. If you were not referred by an organization, please select N/A.
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If applicable, please write in the name of the referring organization, if it doesn't appear in the list above.
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Thank you!
Please contact the Climate Strike Support Team at support@strikewithus.org for more information or if you have questions.
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