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*if a different time is needed please call Barbara at 905.818.3517 AND indicate this on your order form

Prices are subject to HST, unless otherwise indicated.

Please note that the items described as "nut free" have been produced in a facility that contains tree nuts (but not peanuts!).

Questions? Please contact Barbara at: info@blove.ca or 905.818.3517

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APPETIZERS & SNACKS -- Party-ready snacks, dips, and breads!
Chia 'n' Oat Loaf, $10
A customer favourite, this is a great nut-free option to share!
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Herbed Holiday Chia 'n' Oat Loaf, $12
An herbalicious twist on our classic chia 'n' oat loaf makes a great savoury addition to your holiday table.
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Herbed Holiday Quinoa Loaf, $15
A savoury, protein-rich, nut-free loaf just waiting for your favourite holiday spread.
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Super Cinnamon Raisin Loaf, $13.50
Quinoa, walnuts, cinnamon and raisins -- Mmmmmm!
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Sunny Hummus (500 ml), $10
Sprouted sunflower seeds and herbs make a gorgeous, protein-packed dip or spread.
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Herbed Cashew Cheese (500 ml), $17.50
A creamy, cheezy, herbalicious spread that pairs perfectly with our crackers, breads, and crisps!
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SAVOURY ENTREES & SIDES -- A selection of holiday-inspired dishes perfect for sharing!
Shepherd's Pie, $7.25/ piece
So delicious and satisfying! a lentil base that is filled with veggies and topped with sweet potato mash!
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Almond Burger Patties (6/package), $33 (no HST)
Our signature sprouted, dehydrated almond based patties, ready for you to serve up as you wish.
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Lemony Lentil Salad (1000 ml), $20
Lentils mixed with fresh crunchy vegetables and parsley in a lemon, garlic dressing
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Curried Chickpea Salad (1000 ml), $20
Hearty chickpeas, cashews, raisins with colourful crunchy veggies in a creamy tahini curry dressing.
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WIld Holiday Salad (1000 ml), $20
A festive and nourishing combination of wild rice, cranberries, walnuts, red peppers, celery, parsley and red onion in a hemp oil based dressing! It's like a wild holiday party in your mouth ;)
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Bubbie's Sauerkraut (750 ml jar), $10
Love your digestive system this season! For a probiotic boost after holiday indulgences, you can't beat a scoop of Bubbie's sauerkraut!
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Fruit Cake - Baked and GRAIN FREE (sizes and prices in drop down menu)
A blend of organic dried fruits (raisins, apples, papaya, figs and cherries) all the right spices, almond flour, whole almonds, chia and coconut sugar. This is an iced cake. A delicious vegan spin on a traditional cake that no one will guess!
Small Assorted Treats Box, $25
A delightful mix of your B. Love favourites... sure to be a hit at any gathering. Includes one each of the following items: almond coconut joy truffle, power snow ball, almond 'n' oat delight, blonde and chocolate macaroon, chocolate dipped b-raw-scotti, and a nanaimo bar. Also makes a great hostess gift!
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Large Assorted Treats Box, $50
A larger delightful mix of your B. Love favourites... and still a sure hit with the crowd! Includes the following items: two almond coconut joy truffles, two power snowballs, two chocolate and two blonde macaroon, two chocolate dipped b-raw-scotti, two almond 'n' oat delights, one pecan pleasure, and one nanaimo bar. Also makes a great hostess gift!
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Nut-Free Small Assorted Treats Box, $25
A delightful mix of your B. Love nut-free favourites! Includes the following items: 2 power balls, 2 power snowballs, 4 chocolate macaroons, 2 chocolate chip cookies.
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Dark Chocolate Ganache Tart, $9
Rich, luscious and mildly addictive - in the best way ever, of course! You won't believe how perfect this is!
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Raw Nanaimo Bars (package of 6), $27
B. Love's twist on a holiday classic. A nourishing nanaimo bar that both your dentist AND your nutritionist will approve of, and that your body and tastebuds will thank you for... you're welcome :D
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World's Best Chocolate Chip Cookies (package of 6), $16.50 (no HST)
Yes, they are! And they're nut-free!
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POWER TREATS -- Share the B. Love, These Make Great Stocking Stuffers!
Almond 'n' Oat Delights (package of 6), $21(no HST)
The B. Love take on a classic -- sunny raisins, oats, and almonds, kissed with raw honey, and rolled in sesame seeds for a light crunch that will have you hooked.
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Blonde Macaroons (package of 6), $10.50 (no HST)
Soft, chewy, macaroon perfection!
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B.RAW-scotti, Chocolate Dipped (package of 6), $39 (no HST)
Almond based and studded with ample fruit and nuts, then dipped in 71% camino chocolate – linger with one over your favourite hot beverage.
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Breakfast Biscuits (package of 6), $22.5 (no HST)
Hearty and nourishing, like a bowl of oatmeal -- without the bowl!
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Chocolate Macaroons (package of 6), $10.5 (no HST)
Soft, chewy, macaroon perfection -- with chocolate!
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Pecan Pleasures (package of 6), $27
Creamy caramel pairs with crunchy pecans and rich chocolate in this all-natural and irresistible twist on a Turtle!
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Power Balls (package of 6), $21 (no HST)
Rich, chocolatey goodness makes this protein-packed treat a "snack attack" fixer that lasts!
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Power Snow Balls (package of 6), $21 (no HST)
A satisfyingly chewy blend of yummy super foods, coated in organic fair-trade Camino chocolate and rolled in coconut.
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Seed Power Bars (package of 6), $36 (no HST)
It's a seedy party in this bar!! No, not that kind.... Packed with protein, fibre and the tasty goodness of hemp, sunflower, pepitas, chia, sesame, almonds, cacao butter and more. Topped with B. Love's raw artisan chocolate - this is a substantial and super yummy Power treat
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Dream Bars (package of 6), $27 (formerly S'more lovin no HST)
Three gorgeous layers of raw brownie, cashew nougat and caramel draped in a rich layer of B. Love's raw artisan chocolate -- of course you'll want s'more!
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Did we miss anything?
Let us know if there is anything else you'd like to order that you don't see here, or if you have any questions, need a different pick up time or any other special requests!
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