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Indian Whistlers' Association- Application Form
Dear Whistler,

A very warm welcome to Indian Whistlers' Association (IWA).

IWA is the world's first truly Indian whistling community founded on Sept. 19th, 2004 by Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey (The Maverick Whistler). It is India's 1st and only school dedicated to promoting Musical Whistling as a performing art.

Request you to kindly read these "Terms & Conditions" carefully before filling in the Application Form in the next section. Your personal information will not be shared with any 3rd party without your written consent.

Terms & Conditions

1. This is an Application Form only and memberships are approved based on auditions taken by the Zonal Committee via phone, Whatsapp or in person.

Frequently asked questions

Question a) Why join IWA?

Answer) We take whistling very seriously and welcome those who are willing to learn and contribute to the art of Musical Whistling. There is always something to learn from our years of experience. We have a Limca Record to our name, one of our whistlers has made an 18hr marathon whistling record. We have won at World Whistlers Convention, 2016 Japan and International Whistling Convention, 2010 China. We have done more than 300 shows all over India since 2004.

Through a Welcome Kit, you get access to a collection of over 600 karaoke track/backing tracks-music without words. They are enough for 2 years if even practiced 1 song per day. You get CDs of foreign whistlers which we have collected over 10 years, which will open your eyes to what is the standard outside India and what are we aiming for. You get membership to our Whatsapp group with whistlers from all over India. You get feedback to your whistling recordings and access to a huge supportive community. You don't remain obscure whistlers anymore. You become IWA member and get that tag with a membership card.

We will invite you for a Free Demo Meeting as soon as possible. If you feel you are very good and do not require training, then we request you please attend the Demo Meeting once to see who we are and what do we do. You can then decide to join or not. We are a huge community and it always helps to be a part of a community.

Question b) Can I make a career in whistling?

Answer) Yes, why not. But, you need to be musically trained, need to be really good, need to have the right contacts in the Media Industry also. This will take 3-4 years to establish yourself. So you can go for recordings, shows, earn, but not full time. India is still not open to whistling as a career.

Question c) How do i connect with you?

Answer) We have offices in Chennai and Mumbai and have regular events and meetings. If you are outside these cities, we can connect with you via Video Conferencing. All you need is a 4G connection and laptop. There are some limitations like you won’t be able to perform with live musicians due to latency and technical reasons. But you get all other facilities like our regular members.

2. IWA promotes Musical Whistling only using lips, fingers or hands and without the use of any external man-made/mechanical device and all performances are with either a Karaoke backing track or a Live orchestra.

We take lot of pains to train our whistlers because we want them to excel wherever they go and spread this art. Whistling unprepared and in an unprofessional manner, brings a bad name to us and this art.

3. IWA has a very good reputation Nationally and Internationally since many years and we would advise against such "activities or behavior" that spoils Your name and Ours. A warning will be given and repeat offenders will lose their membership and no refunds will be provided.

a) Harassing/disturbing general public/fellow members or any such activities that bring a bad name to IWA and whistling in general are strictly prohibited and can lead to cancellation of membership.

b) We do not whistle or encourage whistling without any background music, because music gives a correct reference of sur and taal/pitch and rhythm. Good videos and recordings of any of our member that fit our quality standards are regularly uploaded online with proper titles, logo and details which you can share with friends and family.

If you wish to upload "your own recordings and videos" on Youtube/Facebook or anywhere online, we would only suggest that you seek feedback from us about it before uploading. We will suggest how to improve it and then you may post online or you can post them in the Whatsapp group created for the purpose of improvement.

If you still wish to, then please don't tag/mention IWA in it. We cannot certify the quality of the performance. 1 bad video can ruin everyone's reputation. We are already fighting hard to change the reputation of this art.

Posting videos and recordings of IWA events taken from a mobile phone or camera on Facebook, YouTube or anywhere else online without the prior permission of Zonal Committee is strictly prohibited, even if you are in it. We reserve the right to our content.

c) We advise against participating in TV shows/Auditions without proper training and guidance from Zonal Committee. Atleast for the 1st 6 months.

When we feel you are ready, we will encourage you ourselves to participate and also provide a public platform whenever possible. We have participated on Entertainment Ke Liye Kuchh Bhi Karega and won, India's Got Talent, Kala Ghoda Festival and can guide you very well.

If you have a college/office function and want to participate, please discuss with us if possible and we will guide you on the song selection, stage performance tips, etc. so that people can thoroughly enjoy.

4. Participation at any public event where IWA is invited is based on merit and rotation and is a privilege for whistlers and not their right. It is at the sole discretion of the Zonal Committee. Minimum requirement to be considered for participation in public events is going through the Whistling Syllabus at least once with 75% attendance. Membership does not automatically guarantee participation in public shows. Auditions will be taken and only best whistlers will be chosen.

5. Annual Membership/Renewal fees are to be paid from April 1st-31st of current financial year and from October 1st-31st for those joining in the 2nd half of the financial year on pro-rata basis.

Memberships expire at the end of the financial year on 31st March and the Application form must be filled in again for membership renewal along with annual fees.

6. If a member fails to renew his/her membership within the stipulated time given above, the membership will lapse and shall require payment of registration fees again along with membership fees. Fee refunds under any unforeseen circumstances can be availed within first 15 days only.

6 months schedule of classes will be shared in advance and we will try to stick to those dates as much as possible. But hall availability and timings are not in our control. If you miss any classes, the video recording will be shared. Absent/traveling people, who have not specifically opted and paid for video conferencing facility can avail it maximum 2 times in 6 months.

7. All fees are payable by cheque or NEFT/IMPS only, in favor of "Indian Whistlers’ Association". For NEFT/IMPS bank transfers, details are available with the Treasurer and members must mail "proof of payment (transaction id and screenshot)" to the Treasurer.

An electronic receipt will be sent to your registered email address after crediting into bank account.

8. Membership fees are subject to revision from time to time and shall be communicated at the beginning of the financial year. One-time Registration fees of 500/- is payable by new members. Welcome kit will be provided containing an IWA magazine, 8 Gb pen drive full of Karaoke backing tracks, Membership card. (You will be asked to provide a photograph)

For people using web conferencing, there will be a small fee to cover our expenses for the service that we provide.

Welcome Kit will be sent by courier free of cost to the Postal Address provided by the outstation applicants and also an E-kit will be sent to the registered email address.

9. All members are expected to stand up for the cause of spreading whistling and strengthening the Association by shouldering responsibilities like setting up equipment, arranging venues, selling tickets, getting sponsors and helping the committee in organizing any such events when required.

The present IWA Central Committee is comprised of:

Founder & President Mr. Rigveda Deshpandey (Mumbai)
Secretary Mr. Rajesh Gaikwad (Mumbai)
Treasurer Mr. Vijay Awari (Mumbai)
Committee Member Mr. R. Arunkumar (Chennai)
Committee Member Mr. N. Sangameswaran (Chennai)

The decisions of the Central Committee are final and binding on all members.

10. Elections are conducted every 2 years and only members who have a very good track record are eligible for Nomination. Next elections in Mumbai in 2019 and only existing paid members are eligible to vote.

Have you read and accept our "Membership Terms & Conditions" given here?
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