2019 Totus Tuus NEW Leader Application
Thank you for your interest in teaching Totus Tuus in 2019! This application is for applicants who have never taught Totus Tuus before in the Diocese of Joliet. We are excited that you're considering this life-changing summer opportunity. Please prayerfully consider the questions below.

WARNING! Google forms must be completed in one sitting. If you need more time, we highly recommend you type answers to essay questions in another document and cut and paste them into the Google Form when you are ready to submit.

Application Deadline: FRIDAY, May 3, 2019

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At what age did you receive the Sacrament of Confirmation?
If you are a convert, from what faith did you convert to Catholicism?
In what grades (if any) did you attend Catholic school?
In what grades (if any) did you attend religious education classes outside of Catholic school?
If you participated in youth ministry programs, what grades did you participate?
If you attended Totus Tuus, what grades did you attend?
Describe any bible studies, religious education classes, fellowship groups, etc. in which you have participated after high school.
Talk about a faith experience you had while growing up that impacted your life. *
What do you value most about being Catholic? *
For the past 12 months I have met my obligation of attending Sunday liturgy and Holy Days of Obligation. *
If no, please explain:
Have you ever considered to what state in life God is calling you, whether it be marriage, priesthood, religious life or single life? Explain your process of discernment. *
Describe your current practice of prayer (when, how, what, etc.). *
Are there any teachings of the Catholic Church with which you have difficulty? Please explain. *
Do you play any of the following musical instruments?
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If you checked other, please list:
Describe your skill level in each instrument you checked above.
Would you be comfortable/capable of leading music for daily Mass and once a week Adoration? *
Other than church activities, what are your interests or hobbies?
Do you speak Spanish? *
Describe any teaching experience you have. *
Write "none" if no experience teaching.
Check the following items in which you have experience and feel confident. *
Please keep answers short. We will discuss more thoroughly during your Skype interview. Be sure to have examples ready if applicable.
Why do you want to be a Totus Tuus teacher at this time? *
How do you respond to receiving criticism from a peer or supervisor? Example? *
Describe a time when you had to resolve a conflict with a peer or supervisor. How did you handle it? *
Describe the best leader with whom you have worked (teacher, coach, supervisor, peer, etc.). *
Describe two of your strengths. *
Describe one area you are working to improve. *
I consider myself primarily to be an: *
What will be your greatest challenge living in community? *
Totus Tuus teachers spend six weeks in the same team of four, living, working and praying together.
What will be your greatest joy living in community? *
Totus Tuus teachers spend six weeks in the same team of four, living, working and praying together.
The Diocese of Joliet requires all adults working with youth to attend a VIRTUS Session, complete a standard application with background check and sign a Code of Conduct.
Have you attended a VIRTUS Session? *
Please provide two references, one from an employer or volunteer supervisor and one from a peer who is not a member of your family who we may call.
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Relation to Applicant *
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First & Last Name of Reference 2 *
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Thank you for applying!
Once you submit your application, it will save to our Google drive. Ashley Pultorak will follow-up soon to set up a Skype or Google Hangouts interview. Questions? Contact Lisa at Apultorak@dioceseofjoliet.org or 815-221-6141.
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