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After you fill out this order request, we will contact you to go over details and availability before the order is completed. If you would like to view current stock and pricing please follow the link:
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Please ensure that your request for a keg is made at least 3 days before your pick up date. If you are requesting a keg to be ready before 3 days, please call and ask to speak to a manager, along with indicating in the comments section (last question of form) that you "spoke with a manager".
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Start by viewing our current inventory at Then enter the item number you want to order in the field below (e.g, IHS-OH-12). If ordering more than one product, separate items with a comma. (ABC, 123, etc)
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Serving equipment
Horse Thief Hollow only supplies kegs of beer, we do not have any individual serving equipment. We recommend that you use a kegerator or CO2 dispense system with our beer, as this is the best method for keeping the beer stable and fresh. If you know that you will be serving the entirety of the keg in a single day, Domestic-Style pump taps can also be used. You can rent these from party stores or from some liquor stores (or ask a friend, they probably have one).
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