'Faces of Benton County' Nomination Form
The Benton County Family Nurturing Council is looking to recognize everyday heroes in our community through our 'Faces of Benton County' campaign! Do you know of a child, parent/caregiver, family, or community member who has achieved something positive recently that deserves recognition? Please help us highlight their stories by completing this nomination form.

There are many positive achievements happening on a daily basis in Benton County—kids offering a friendly smile to everyone they meet, community members keeping kids safe, family members maintaining sobriety, parents doing all they can to create caring, loving environments, and so much more.

'Faces of Benton County' recipients will receive a congratulatory gift from the BC Family Nurturing Council (see bottom of this form for more details), as well as the opportunity to be featured on both our website and Facebook page via photographs and a story!

Thank you for helping us celebrate and highlight the positive stories that make our community thrive!
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