PyCon Taiwan 2019 Financial Aid Application
Please submit your application before 15:30 UTC, 15 July, 2019.
申請至 2019 年 7 月 15 日 23:30 (台北時間) 截止。中文為補助用途,文意請依照英文內容為準。

Email (same as the one used for website registration)
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How It Works 如何運作
The procedure of the application is outlined below:
1. The applicant (you) enters a valid email address for contact in the form.
2. Leave a brief description about yourself, and provide at least leave your full name.
3. The conference staff (we) will contact you to verify the information and try to learn more about you.
4. The Financial Aid Program closes on 15 July, 2019 (15:30 UTC).
5. We will inform you of the results before the end of the conference registration. You will receive instructions about how to claim your aid. Please make sure to bring papers and/or proofs as appropriate to the conference for the claim process.

We understand that we all have different financial situations, and contribution is difficult to quantify. As we have limited budget, we cannot guarantee to fund all applicants. But please do let us know if you need support, and we will do our best.

申請 Financial Aid 的方式如下:

1. 填寫表單並留下聯絡 Email (與投稿或購票時的 Email 相同)。
2. 根據表單內容填寫,表單包含身分(真實姓名)與情況。
3. 我們會有專人與您聯絡、核對資料及了解您的狀況。
4. Financial Aid 受理時間為即日起至 7 月 15 日 23:30 (台北時間) 止。審核結果會另行通知。
5. 售票期間我們會主動告知您是否有申請到 Financial Aid。若申請通過,請您仔細閱讀退費的注意事項,像交通補助會需要單據證明,請保留單據並在會場交付工作人員。

我們知道每個人的經濟狀況,或者是對 Python 社群的貢獻皆是難以比較的。而 Financial Aid 的預算又有限,無法保證能幫到所有人,但我們還是想對有困難的朋友們說:「需要幫忙就說一聲吧!我們盡力!」(握拳)
Philosophy 審核標準
Please refer to the Financial Aid principles on our website (

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