Kawaii Pop Maid Café Volunteer Application
Volunteer application for the Kawaii Pop Maid Café at Shreve Con and Maid for Murder at Shreve Con.
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Link to your Facebook page. If your page is private, the owner of Kawaii Pop Maid Café may request an add. :)
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Are you available December 8th-10th, 2017 for set up, dress rehearsal, and both of our events at Shreve Con? *
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What are your hobbies and talents? (ie singing, dancing, drawing, cosplaying, sewing?) *
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If "yes" to the previous question, please elaborate on your performance experience.
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Do you have any previous volunteer or job experience in a restaurant or food industry setting? *
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All staff is required to acquire their own uniform. Will you be able to do so? *
Why would you like to become a maid/butler with Kawaii Pop Maid Café? *
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As our café travels, would you like to attend other events as a permanent member or would you just like to apply for Shreve Con? *
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