Pledge Per Point Fundraiser: Info and Sign Up
WHAT IS THIS? Our club helps central Texas students attend the University of Florida by giving them partial scholarships. Please help us continue this success by joining our Pledge Per Point fundraiser -- simply pledge “cents” for every point the Gators score in their regular football season!

SIGN ME UP! Just fill out and submit this form. TIPS --- As a pledge example, if you pledge a nickel and the Gators score 300 points, your pledge would end up being $15. A dime pledge would be $30. A quarter pledge would be $75. Here is the total season game point history for the last few years: 2020=478, 2019=396, 2018= 414 points, 2017=243 points

Want to cap the number of points so you aren't surprised by too big of a pledge if the Gators have an amazing year? No problem!

For details about our scholarship program and the students we support, please see the "Scholarship" link on our website at If you have any additional questions, please email
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For example, 0.05 = 5 cents, 0.10 = 10 cents, 0.25 = 25 cents. See introduction above for point history.
If you want to keep your total pledge from exceeding a certain amount of money, enter in the maximum number of points you will pledge for (e.g. a pledge of 10 cents for a cap of 300 points will cap your total donation to $30 even if the Gators score 500 points).
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