Ansar- Community Fellowship
Thank you for your interest in the Ansars Community Fellowship.
To participate in the Ansars project, you must:
- Read and agree to follow the guidelines of the project.
- Fill out the application below
- Initiate and maintain communication with your co-Ansari.

- Create companionship rituals with purified intentions and within Islamic guidelines in a safe and welcoming environment.
- Prioritize building a connection for the sake of Allah SWT: pray together, walk to the Masjid, be part of community Iftars, etc.
- Respect each other’s privacy and boundaries. Information exchanged during your gatherings is confidential and can not be disclosed to a third party.
- As a part of your newly formed family, your co-Ansari will have the same privileges and obligations as the rest of your family members. You will recognize each other's special occasions and in case of an emergency, you will make yourself available and show support.
- Don't do something new! Focus on the bond and not the activities. Have your co-Ansari join activities you are already part of (i.e. share a meal, attend the Shamail class, practice Yoga, attend school Iftars, community gatherings, etc)

Please make sure to share your successes and challenges with the ISBCC’s Service Sphere Team. We will be learning together and we will continuously work on evaluating and bettering this initiative.

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