Remote Learning Agreement Form -Deadline to sign up is August 13, 2020
Franklin County Public Schools (FCPS) is committed to providing remote (distance) learning opportunities for students. Canvas will be the primary learning management system where students will access and submit their assignments. Families must have access to the Internet and have a device for the student. Virtual teachers will take attendance each day and students are expected to complete assignments by specified due dates. Student work will be graded.

Remote learners will be required to take all assessments for their assigned grade level. For example, all FCPS kindergarteners must be screened using the Virginia Kindergarten Readiness Assessment (VKRP). Some of the assessments require the student to meet face to face with their teacher. Schools will schedule appointments with parents/guardians for any onsite assessments. All students grades 2-8 will take the MAP assessment and students in SOL courses will take the associated end of course SOL.

A form should be completed for each child that will participate in remote(distance) learning. Parents/Guardians must agree with each statement before approval for remote learning is made.
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Please enter the student name *
Please choose the student's grade level for the 2020-2021 school year. *
What is the school your child is scheduled to attend in 2020-2021? *
I will complete enrollment form on PowerSchool registration for my student. *
Student has daily access to a device. If not, I will contact my child's school to discuss need. *
Student has daily access to the Internet. *
Students still fall under the School Board's attendance policy . Students that are not present online will be marked with an "Unexcused absence." If parent does not call to report absence, teachers will reach out to parents to check on students. If parents are unresponsive, school counselors or social workers will be notified. *
Students will act in a responsible, ethical and legal manner, in accordance with school policies and in compliance with state and national laws. *
Student may not engage in practices that threaten the integrity of the Learning Management System (LMS) (e.g. knowingly downloading or uploading files that contain a virus). *
Students will conduct themselves in a manner that facilitates learning in the online environment. *
Students may not reproduce course content without explicit written permission. Unauthorized use of course content is prohibited. *
Students may not copy other participant's work and submit as their own. *
Student will take the required assessment for their grade level or course (including the SOL). I understand that some assessments may require the student to come onsite. *
By typing your (parent/guardian) name below, you are agreeing the the statements above and understand that a student who violates any of the above conditions may be subject to being dropped from the remote learning program. *
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