Cupola Release Form - Students
Gettysburg College students should complete this form to provide descriptive information about their work and give permission for Musselman Library to post it in The Cupola, our open access institutional repository. Student authors retain copyright to their work! (Please ask if you have questions - we love to discuss your author rights.)
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Creative Commons license
If you would like to indicate how readers may use/reuse your work in the future, consider assigning a Creative Commons license to your work. There are six choices that offer a range of options. Read more and we are happy to discuss with you!
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I hereby authorize Gettysburg College to publish and make available on the Internet via its Digital Repository (The Cupola) a copy of my research paper, article, journal, collection or other intellectual property. By accepting this form I acknowledge that all work contained in this paper is original work by me or includes appropriate citations and/or permissions when citing or including excerpts of work(s) by others. I also understand and agree that: *
1) that all content created by myself and accessible within The Cupola has been and is in compliance with the Gettysburg College Honor Code and Copyright Law, 2) that my content does not include illegal use of intellectual property created by others, including text, images, video, music or other materials. In the case that I am using materials created by others, my use complies with the fair use clause of copyright law, the work is in the public domain, or I have obtained and presented written permission to distribute such materials and have presented relevant documentation along with my content, 3) that, if my content has been previously published, I have obtained permission from the publisher to redistribute, or such permission is not required, 4) my content is not slanderous, libelous, or otherwise injurious to another party, including Gettysburg College, 5) that Gettysburg College makes no warranties or promises and is not responsible for any unauthorized use of my content and I agree to hold Gettysburg harmless from all such uses, 6) to indemnify and to hold Gettysburg College harmless from any and all claims of copyright violation resulting from the use of my content, 7) that Gettysburg College may remove my content from the Cupola without notice. Likewise, I may notify Gettysburg in writing and request my content be removed as soon as practical. I understand that any copies of my content or publicity materials that mention my content will not be recalled or destroyed and that Gettysburg may not be able to remove cached copies of my content.
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