Suggestion for a new haunted location
In this form you can upload a suggestion for a new haunted location, we will have a look at it as soon as possible to determine the accuracy of the information provided.
General Information
We would like some general information in order to better understand our target audience.
Kickstarter Email address
(Please use the e-mail you use for logging into Kickstarter) We will not use your email address to spam you. It is only for contacts with regards to the location.
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Location information
Please try to be as complete as possible when describing the location, the more info, the more it helps us out in our research.
Name of location
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Location Address
If Possible, please let us know the GPS coordinates of the location as well.
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Current status of the building
Current owner status
We need to contact the owners of the property, therefore knowing if it's owned is a great help for us.
Story surrounding the location
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Type of paranormal phenomena
Please leave any information you feel is relevant to the location. Notes, additional stories that surround the haunted house or anything else, feel free to let us know here ^^.
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