Photo Show - Submission Form
Social Photo Show
on Saturday, January 19, 2019
pop-up gallery at Johnny Pistolas, Adams Morgan, Washington, DC
Submissions CLOSED at 11:59pm on December 19, 2018
Thanks for your interest! This event aims to:
1) highlight great images taken by amateur photographers, in a local gallery setting.
2) generate conversations -- to make photos social in a way that social media isn't. Thus, don't submit if you don't want to interact with people and talk about it.

More information:

Theme and Criteria: "Protest & Dissent"
Your photo should speak to the idea of "Protest & Dissent." Note that the event will be held the night of the Women's March in DC and the day after the March for Life.

General guidelines:
o It can be from the US or from abroad.
o It can be funny or somber.
o Your photo can be recent or from years ago. This includes Vietnam War or Civil Rights era protests.
o Think about images of protest/dissent that are not people with signs. Consider street art, architecture, and symbolic acts of protest.
o You may certainly include protest signs in your images. But, consider this is a show that highlights great photographic images, not just amusing signs.
o Diversity is encouraged.

Photos will be chosen based on:
o Relevance to theme.
o Aesthetic quality. Is the photo visually compelling?
o Uniqueness.
o Conversation-worthy. Along with your title and caption, is the photo interesting? Is it worth talking about?

o You are not a professional photographer, i.e., one who has made more than 10% of his or her annual income from photography.
o You must be 21 or older on January 19, 2019. The show is 21+.
o You took the photo and own the rights to it.
o Photos may be adjusted or cropped. However, you may NOT change the nature of the image; e.g., you can’t swap colors, add/remove elements, etc.
o You can only do one submission per show, but this submission can contain two photos. (See below.)
o You own your image. However, we may use your name, likeness and submitted photo in order to promote the event. This may include posters, postcards, social media posts, etc.
o You get to keep your photo; take it at the end of the night.
o You are comfortable discussing your photo in a gallery setting.
o Captions, titles and the like may be edited for spelling, clarity or length.
I agree to the rules. *
Printing Fee and Attendance
If my photo is selected, I will pay $45. (This covers printing and mounting the large-format photo, plus hanging supplies. You get to keep the photo at the end of the event. It also includes admission tickets to the event for you and one guest. You'll receive a payment link later if your photo is selected.) *
I'll attend the whole show, from 6:00-10:00p on January 19, 2019. *
Photo Preparation
o Photos must be high-resolution. Use the original photo, not an Instagram screenshot.
o Don't submit long, narrow panoramas.
o We aim to print photos at 16x20" -- or at the largest size within those dimensions.
o We may crop photos to fit.
o Titles and captions will be printed on placards next to the photos.
Submit Photo
Upload your photo *
Provide a high-resolution .JPG, .PNG, or .HEIC file. Don't use a huge .RAW or .TIF file.
Photo title? For example: "Three Women in Solidarity" [Limit: 40 characters] *
What would you like people to know about this photo? For example: “I took this in Tahrir Square while I was stationed in Egypt in 2011. I was so moved by the obvious emotional bond between these three women as they walked hand in hand.” [Limit: 65 words] *
Submit Photo #2 (OPTIONAL)
If you want, upload a second photo
Provide a high-resolution .JPG, .PNG, or .HEIC file. Don't use a huge .RAW or .TIF file.
Photo title? [Limit: 40 characters]
What would you like people to know about this photo? [Limit: 65 words]
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