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Classical Music Saved My Life
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This Hungarian composer was lifted off his death bed by a commission to write what would become his Concerto for Orchestra. (You will see you scores and correct answers after you hit "submit" at page bottom.)
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This British composer wrote about the "saving power of beauty."
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This composer took up composition after retirement, said she was "living life in reverse."
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The proceeds from this famous oratorio went to fund an orphan's hospital; it also famously freed 142 men from debtor's prison.
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The prospect of resuming his concert career helped this famous 20th century pianist overcome depression. A friend said practicing helped him keep his grip on reality and helped save his life.
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The newest of our titles, devoted to the power of classical music to transform, rejuvenate, lift and inspire. (Thank you for taking our brief quiz.)
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How powerful is classical music? Find out here:
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