Forever and Everly 3-Year Blogiversary Feedback Survey!
thank you so much for taking the time to fill this feedback survey out for me!! i really appreciate all the feedback i get, because i am always aiming to improve, especially recently when i've been very sucky at blogging

please be as honest as you can, of course, but i kindly ask you to not say anything about me being inactive/bad at interacting, because trust me i yell at myself for that enough! i have other things to improve on, surely :o)

thank you again! <3
blog URL?
should i write shorter posts? *
(right now the average is about 1.5k words per post)
what kind(s) of posts do you like to read? *
what kind(s) of posts do you want to read more of? *
what kind(s) of posts do you want to read less of? *
what do you like about me/my blog? *
(i'm depressed and need validation thank u <3)
what do you dislike about me/my blog? *
this is a little similar but: do you mind sharing any reasons why you actually follow/like to read my blog?
(optional) (i want to try to develop more of the thing you say in your response, like voice or good book recommendations, to make my blog more enjoyable!)
is there anything you wish i did?
is there anything you wish i didn't do?
thoughts on blog design? *
(is it getting too old basically lmao)
any requests for specific posts?
(aka i'm running low on blog post inspiration... it could be a specific book recommendation list theme, or a discussion topic, anything!)
any other thoughts/comments/questions/concerns??
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