Yr 5 & 6 Students ROUND ROBIN SPORTS at Various Venues
Wednesday 31st July 2019 - $10.00 per student.
Payment & permission form to be submitted by Wednesday 24th July 2019.
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Risk Assessment - Information for ALL Parents
I/We are aware that participation in the Round Robin Sports Day at Various Primary Schools/Centres may involve risks and hazards including but not limited to:- Injuries from participating in strenuous and demanding physical activities (cuts/graze/bruise/fracture). The Risk Assessment Summary is intended to enable you and your child to better understand and accept the various risks involved in participating in the Round Robin Sports Day. It is your responsibility to weigh and evaluate the risks on behalf of your child.Being satisfied that this excursion is suitable for my child, I give permission and consent for my child to participate.

Travel - Risks associated with Bus travel

Student Behaviour - I understand that in the event of my child’s misbehaviour or behaviour that poses a danger to himself/herself or others during the excursion, he/she may be sent home. I further understand that in such circumstances I will be informed and that any costs associated with his/her return will be my responsibility.
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