2020 Backyard Hero Sign up
Please use this form to sign up for a Backyard Hero slot for 2020.

As a reminder, there are a total of 24 Backyard Heroes each year--two in each month. All Backyard Heroes will be invited to a photoshoot, compliments of John Urban. Two photoshoots will take place--once in December of 2019 and once in April or May of 2020. After April feel free to submit a professional photo or have it taken by our Membership and Outreach Coordinator, Judy Young.

As you sign up, please consider the following:
* Backyard Heroes are featured in Isthmus newspaper, 105.5 Radio, and Madison Commons online news.
* Backyard Heroes are featured and recognized at our Annual Change-Maker Awards Celebration in the fall.
* You must provide contact information for your nominated Hero
* Make sure you let them know they are being nominated so they aren't surprised when we follow up
* Consider signing up for a particular month that corresponds with an event or recognition month that will build on your other promotions/communications.
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