Walk-a-Payung Registration Form 2016 (报名表格)

1. Please fill in the registration details.
2. Then Click on "Submit" button. It will take you to a confirmation page with a link to a secure online payment system.
3. Then click on the link for payment and fill in your details.
4. Print out your receipt (which will be emailed to you) and bring it along when you collect your items. You can also bring along your MyKad/Passport if you are unable to print your receipt.

Contact us if you have any queries. Tel : 03-7957 7672
Please ensure that the information provided is accurate before submitting.
Please ensure that your credit card details corresponds with the name used during registration.

RM50 per participant. Children below 5 years old exempted.

1. Sila isikan butir-butir anda.
2. Selepas itu, klik butang "Hantar". Anda akan melihat halaman pengesahan dan link kepada sistem bayaran online yang selamat.
3. Klik pada link bagi pembayaran dan isikan butir-butir anda.
4. Pastikan anda membawa bersama resit bercetak (yang akan diemel kepada anda) apabila mengutip baju-T Walk-a-Payung. Jika anda tidak boleh mencetak resit anda, sila bawa MyKad atau pasport anda. Sila hubungi 03-79577672 untuk sebarang pertanyaan.

PENTING: Sila semak dahulu sebelum menghantar butir-butir anda. Butir-butir dalam kad kredit mesti sama dengan nama yang digunakan semasa mendaftar.

RM50 setiap peserta. Kanak-kanak di bawah umur 5 tahun dikecualikan.

1. 请详细填写报名资料。
2. 然后点击“呈交”(Submit) 按扭,它会带到一个确认页面,其中包含一个安全的网上付款系统链接。
3. 点击付款链接,填写你的详细资料。
4. 请将收据(经电邮发送)打印出来,并凭其领取阳伞。若无法打印收据,可出示大Walk-A-Payung 2016 : Family Carnival Edition马卡或护照。若有任何疑问,请拨电03-7957 7672查询。

1. 呈交之前,请确定所填写的资料全部正确。
2. 请确定信用卡拥有人的名称与网上报名表格上所填写的名称相符。


Individual registration
This section is to be filled if you are registering as an individual applicant.
Name , Nama, 姓名
Your answer
MyKad No, Nombor MyKad, 身份证号码
Your new identification number. If you do not have one, please insert your passport number.
Your answer
Handphone number, No telefon bimbit, 电话号码
Your contact mobile number
Your answer
Email, 电子邮件
Please do provide us your email to enable updates on the event.
Your answer
If you are registering on behalf of others, please state their names here.
Note that the names listed here will be under the responsibility of the contact person above. Please put each individual name on a new line. Each registrant will cost RM50 for those 12 years and above.
Your answer
Registration for Corporate Teams
This section is only to be filled if you are representing your company.
Name of company
State the official name of your company
Your answer
Company address
Your answer
Company telephone number
Your answer
Contact number
Please provide the contact number of a representative
Your answer
Please provide the email of the representative
Your answer
State the number of participants
Please state the number of participants.
Your answer
Tax Exempt Information
Tax Exempt Names / IC
Please list down the name(s) and IC no (in brackets beside the names) followed by the amount so that we can accurately issue you the tax exemption receipt upon collection of your items.
Your answer
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