Evaluation of the ICT and e-Skills for Social Care Conference
The CareNET project team would like to invite you to complete this survey. The information we gather will be used to evaluate the concept of conference and will contribute to the internal evaluation of the CareNET project.
The survey is anonymous and demographic data will be collected, as well as information about your experience and views of the conference.
It will take you between 10 - 20 minutes to complete this survey and will be accessible online until the 10th of March 2013.

1. What is your main occupation or role? (Click only one answer)
2. Which country do you live in?
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3. What is your gender?
4. How did you participate in the conference?
5. Overall, how would you rate this conference?
6. Overall, how satisfied were you with the conference facilities?
7. Overall, how satisfied were you with the speakers/presenters?
8. What was the highlight of the conference?
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9. Which session(s) did you enjoy most (name of presenter or title of the session)?
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10. What did you like most about the conference?
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11. What did you like least about the conference?
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12. How do you think the integration of the on-site and online conference worked?
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13. content of the conference sessions was appropriate and informative
14. The conference gave me a better understanding of issues around ICT and digital competences for care workers and care recipients in long term domiciliary care?
15. What can you apply from the conference to your working practice?
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16. Where do you see the greatest impact of ICTs for care workers and the care work sector?
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17. Where would you like to see further research or related activity in relation to ICTs, digital competence and care work?
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If you are caregiver or care worker, please answer the following question
18. In what ways did the conference help you appreciate how ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) competencies can enhance your career prospects?
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If you are an online participant: please answer the following questions
19. Where were you when you joined the conference?
20. What kind of electronic device were you using when during the conference?
21. How did you find the web-based conferencing technology (Adobe Connect)?
22. What was your experience of the discussion and interaction with others in the chatbox during the conference?
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Thank you very much!
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