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A couple of weeks ago we made a big announcement: that the LTB would be open 24/7.

We have been lobbying the University for a 24-hour study space on campus since late last year. The Thursday before mid-semester break, advice was provided and confirmed by Security that the LTB would be accessible as a 24-hour space.

We found out yesterday that the University had put their decision under review and has limited 24-hr access to the LTB in the interim.

In the meantime of the review, the LTB on weekdays (Monday to Friday) will be available to students 24 hours, provided you have entered before 12am. New arrivals will be permitted again at 7am.

On weekends, the LTB will open at 8am and doors will close at 5pm. People can remain in common area study spaces but new arrivals after 5pm are no longer permitted.

We are as frustrated and disappointed as you are. We will be working with the administration and Monash Buildings and Property to explain why more students need a 24-hour space, particularly around examination period.

We would like your help to demonstrate to the University just how many students would benefit from 24/7 access to the facility. We have launched a petition which you can sign here, and we implore you to comment on to explain how a 24-hour study space will improve your student experience. We will present this petition to those conducting the review, as evidence supporting our work showing that there truly is a demand for a 24/7 study space.

To all those who were affected, we are sincerely sorry. We would have never announced this had we known that the arrangement would be quickly changed.

We will keep all students updated as our conversations with Monash Buildings and Property progress.

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