Lend-a-Pet Questionnaire
Health and Safety- It is imperative to us that we have the necessary info to give your pet the most enjoyable stay with the utmost care!
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Pet Owner Contact Information:  (Please provide your name and valid phone number.) *
If you would like pet sitting to be done at your house, please provide a destination address.
Emergency Contact (in case you cannot be reached) *
Veterinary Contact (Name and Contact Info) *
What is your pets name? *
What is the breed of your pet? *
What is the age of your pet?
Please provide gender of your pet *
Is your pet spayed/neutered *
Does your pet take medication? If so, please state medication/s and schedule of consumption. *
Does your pet have a microchip? If so, what is the number. *
Is your pet socialized to ride in a car in case of emergency? *
Please explain your pet's sleep schedule. Are they crated?
Please explain your pet's meal schedule.  How many times a day? Portion size?
What treats do you give your pet?
What is your pet's bathroom routine? How do they let you know when they need to go?
What is your pet's usual exercise routine? Do they go on walks? How many times a day?
Does your pet have any favorite toys?
Check all that may apply:
Does your pet have any unique behaviors that are normal for them?
Does your pet have any risky behaviors? (Such as getting in the trash, chewing things, digging)
Is your pet allowed on furniture?
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Is your pet up to date on vaccinations? *
Are you able to provide food, leash, treats, bed, or anything else necessary to ensure your pet feels at home with us?
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Does your pet have any health issues? *
Please inform us of any health issues in detail
Any additional information we should know about your pet?
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