Quiz: Is Your Follow-Up Broken?
We don't know what we don't know. Take this quiz to self-assess if your follow-up strategy may need fixing. Keep in mind doing nothing IS a strategy too!

Here's to your success,
Dr. Lee

When you follow-up, how often is the content timely, relevant and valuable? In other words, how often does your content speak to the person's or business' specific situation (e.g. having triplets, opening a fifth location, downsizing, etc.)? Be honest. If you can say never, then grade this question with a zero. *
Every Follow-Up Speaks to Individual Needs
How much exclusive time do you devote weekly to follow-up? This should not be time you use to check general emails, prospect, or any other day-to-day task. Please be honest. *
50 points
Which of your business inefficiencies in regards to FOLLOW-UP have you given away to a competent company, assistant or partner? Be honest.
25 points
What automation are you using that has made follow-up truly easier and more efficient? Be honest. If you can say none, then grade this question with a zero. *
Your answer
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